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Week of September 15, 2014
Date Open High Low Close Volume
Sep 15, 2014 63.89 64.20 62.05 62.56 18,176
Sep 16, 2014 62.19 62.51 61.61 61.91 21,940
Sep 17, 2014 62.05 63.23 61.93 62.90 14,041
Sep 18, 2014 63.33 64.29 62.99 63.82 9,162
Sep 19, 2014 63.92 64.84 62.47 64.26 62,791
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64.26   + 0.44
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Investor Contact
Tel: 248-596-6031

Media Contact
Sharon S. Wenzl
VP Corporate Communications
Tel: 248-596-6211

Shareholder Information

Transfer Agent - Computershare

Key Company Facts
U.S. Operating Headquarters: Novi, MI
Stock Symbol: CPS
Shares Outstanding: 17.93M
Industry Segment: SIC 3714 Motor Vehicle Parts & Accessories

CUSIP: 216762 AE4
Senior Notes: 8 ½% due 2018
Common Stock: 21676P 103
Preferred Stock: 21676P 3066

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