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Cooper Standard's Fortrex(TM) Technology Enables PolyOne Launch of Next-Generation Elastomer

June 30, 2020 at 8:30 AM EDT

PolyOne Corp. introduces new line of Barricade™ elastomers using Fortrex™ chemistry platform

NORTHVILLE, MI / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2020 / Through a licensing agreement with PolyOne Corp., Cooper Standard's (NYSE:CPS) Fortrex™ chemistry platform has enabled the launch of Barricade™ elastomers, the newest addition to PolyOne's specialty elastomer portfolio. Based on Cooper Standard's Fortrex™ chemistry platform, this crosslinkable elastomer offers high-temperature compression set performance, easier processing and a lighter weight solution when compared to conventional thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs), silicones and thermoset rubbers.

According to PolyOne, Barricade™ solutions are lighter in weight and show improved tear strength over general-purpose TPV and silicone materials. Together with elevated compression set performance for high-temperature applications, this combination of properties expands design freedom and processing ease for tubing, hoses, seals, gaskets, grommets and other components within consumer, healthcare and industrial markets. The naturally translucent material can be colored press-side or formulated in a custom pre-colored version.

Now commercially available in major markets, the PolyOne Barricade™ product line is currently manufactured in North America. For more information on Barricade™ elastomers with Fortrex™ technology, please click here.

"We congratulate PolyOne on their launch of Barricade™, their latest material innovation that leverages our FortrexTM technology," said Jeffrey DeBest, executive vice president and president Advanced Technology Group, Cooper Standard. "As an improved, high-performance elastomer, Barricade™ offers a new level of performance for a number of applications in key growth industries. Cooper Standard's Advanced Technology Group is eager to witness Barricade's™ success and looks forward to supporting additional future material developments with PolyOne."

Cooper Standard's Advanced Technology Group (ATG) works to accelerate and maximize the value stream of Cooper Standard's manufacturing expertise in the Company's core process types for applications in diverse industrial and specialty markets. This business also drives growth through the Company's applied materials science offerings, which include the Fortrex™ chemistry platform.

Fortrex™ is an innovative chemistry platform used to create lightweight elastomeric materials that offer significant performance advantages over EPDM synthetic rubber, TPV and many other materials in terms of weight reduction, compression set, weathering and durability. Fortrex™, which won the 2018 Automotive News PACE Award and was a 2018 and 2019 Society of Plastics Engineers Innovation Award finalist, can take on many forms, including dense extrusions, foams and membranes that can be tuned for an endless list of applications and performance solutions.

Cooper Standard exclusively retains all rights to Fortrex™ in its product lines, and expects to generate revenue and profit from royalty income based on PolyOne's sale of Fortrex™-based polymer formulations to its customers.

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Editor's Note: Fortrex™ is a trademark of Cooper-Standard Automotive Inc.; Barricade™ is a trademark of PolyOne Corp.

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